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Composer and music producer.

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Jared Moreno Luna, born in Cádiz on May 20, 1997, better known artistically as Jared Moreno is a spanish composer and music producer. His professional career begins in 2015, the same year which he founded his own record label called Different Records, considered by many to be the best spanish electronic music record label today. With the freedom to release any type of idea and genre thanks to Different Records, Jared Moreno's musical technique has evolved over the years, coming to focus on dance pop and downtempo genres with a certain innovation and particularity, giving rise to a clear stamp of his identity on each song. In addition to electronic music he have always had a passion for the orchestra and cinematic music, but it's not until 2018 when he decides to share all his orchestra works with the world starting with his version of "Avengers: Infinity War" theme.


Contact to Jared Moreno for music business, cinematic compositions, music productions works or else.

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