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Image by charlesdeluvio

by Jared Moreno


Playlisting Promotion


Hey, I'm Jared Moreno. Founder of Different Records label, composer and music producer and I'm releasing now 'Freshly', a secure, easy and fast platform for my clients. I run campaigns for artists since 2015, always looking the best options for promote my own music and my label releases. In these years I've build a big network of curators, all legit and organic and now I can offer one of the best playlisting services for Spotify. Now I can do that but more fast and simple with Freshly website. When I received a campaign I look the best place for it checking different playlists of all genres until get the best placement. I love work with new people and take care of my best clients. Are you ready for work with me?


How it works? 

- When you pay I will receive your info and I will contact you in the next 24 hours for you can send me the links and other info you need send me. I will start the campaign as soon as I have your song.

Everything is organic?

- Yes, I just work with legit and organic playlists and curators.

More questions?

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