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Playlisting Promotion

Promote your music with organic and legit playlists. Curated from 0, with effort and patience.

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I've been working with playlists since 2015. I have built big and popular playlists in Spotify. This last year has been hard for me because I lost all my playlists and with them my ways of promoting my music. I tried work with a lot of different playlisters and do you know what I found it? A lot of people with FAKE playlists and FAKE promotions. I'm from the old school, one of those who create real and legitimate things from effort, so I made a decision. I have built a fleet of playlists again, new relationships with many playlisters and above all, I have spent a lot of money to create great ads where I promote my playlists. If you work with me I can promise you a organic and real promotion, I will guide you along the way and you will be helping me to grow my playlists and my possibilities. Do you need more answers? Okay, write me to and let's talk :)

Big labels and companies which I've worked.