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Services for Artists

I'm composer and music producer, I've been design my own artworks and looking the way to promote my own music for years since 2014 when I founded Different Records, my own record label. After a long time thinking about this I'm releasing my own services for other artists and labels. I'm offering mixing and mastering, artworks, video design and promotion services.


Artwork design

I've been learning to design in Adobe Photoshop since 2010, when I was just a kid. Everything related to creativity has always fascinated me. Over the years I have developed my design technique creating artworks for my own songs and later for my record label. I have created works of all kinds: abstract, minimalist, vaporwave, trippy, futuristic...


Music Promotion

When I founded my own record label, I found out that I needed a promotional source, so I became interested in playlists. Thanks to that I met great figures in electronic music and was able to create connections that would help me in the future.

deep house.jpg
chill music 2020.jpg
night riders 2.jpg


deep house and dance.jpg



electronica 2020.jpg


Music works

Music: my passion, my life. I've been composing and producing music since 2014 and 2 years ago I built my own music studio. I offer my time for compose, produce, mix or master your works.

Video design

As I said before I love all kinds of creative and video design is no exception. I learned to make music videos when I tried share with the world my first song, on that moment I understood that visual part is very important. I've been making music videos for Youtube, Instagram Stories, Spotify Canvas... from years ago.

Are you interested? Contact me.

Thank you for reaching me! I'll contact you shortly :)

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